Marvin Westbrook

“When have I felt the happiest in my life? Right now. I am an incredibly happy husband. I am a very proud father of two and grandfather of five. I sold my pool construction company a few years ago and now I have a lot of time to spend with my family, which is and always has been the most important thing to me. My wife and I have finally traveled to see places we always dreamed of seeing. We have seen countless little league sports games, ballets, recitals, birthday parties, swim meets, and school awards ceremonies. Kids today have too much to do. Since when did people start to have graduation ceremonies for kindergarten, elementary school, and middle school? Since retirement, I have found a greater love for our hometown. Within a hours drive I have seen college football games in 4 different stadiums, NFL games, NBA games, major and minor league baseball games, I have gone fishing on 2 different lakes and several rivers, I have played golf on a dozen courses, watched a PGA tour event, and have gone hiking on several trails. I can honestly say I am more active since retiring and I am stopping to smell the roses.”

Brad Abernathy and Abernathy Cochran Groupwould love your Faces nominations.

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